“The consistently excellent behind the scenes documentary”

– The Telegraph

“It’s another terrific episode of a series that just keeps hitting the spot.”

– The Radio Times

“All of life is here”

– The Sun

“An astonishing twist… an extraordinary story in the welcome return of this exemplary series.”

– The Radio Times

“Gripping TV”

“A riveting insight into how UK police investigate missing persons cases.”

– The Sun

“Viewers ‘in tears’ after 12 month search ends in heart-breaking discovery”

– The Daily Express

“It’s a crazy idea, but it might just work”

– Daily Mail

“Bittersweet, funny and frequently surreal”

– The Times

“You better watch out, you better not cry…although you might find that hard watching this heart-warming film.” 

– The Sun

“Enjoyable two-part documentary”

– Daily Telegraph

“Heart-warming two-parter”

– Mail On Sunday

“Critics choice”

– The Independent

“It’s stirring, and moving, and beautiful”

– Sam Wollaston (The Guardian)

“Another uplifting musical journey”

– Mail On Sunday

“Real emotional pull”

– The Sunday Times

“You just can’t get enough”

– Digital Spy

“New TV show with very surprising results”

– The Sun

“The Jeremy Kyle Show has nothing on Channel 4’s new show The Lie Detective”

– The Mirror

“At times, it’s nearly impossible not to fall apart laughing,”

– The Hollywood Reporter

“A smash hit”

– The Metro

“Nothing is funnier than Karl in a corner, being poked by a stick. I am that stick.”

– Ricky Gervais